Welcome to Keepin’ Up With WMS School Newspaper!


We are pleased to announce that WMS 8th grade students who participate in Mrs. Slawiak’s Information Technology class will be publishing a school newspaper. They enthusiastically are either writing researched articles to share important information or  journalist articles reporting on school events. They can also feature students who have a special talent that classmates might not know! For example, an artist, a karate competitor, an equestrian rider, etc…

The layout staff is made up of 4 students who volunteered to collaboratively electronically produce our newspaper by artistically designing its look & feel through graphic design, learning and troubleshooting new cloud based software, developing a style guide to improve their productivity, taking photos, and selecting images from our television content source.

Keepin’ Up With WMS  is all student driven under the direction of Mrs. Slawiak who collaborates with Ms. Moore as an editor for her students. To get her students started, Mrs. Slawiak hosted the high school’s faculty advisor, Mr. Patrick O’Connor who also works as a journalist in Holyoke. He facilitated 2 interactive lectures in order to kick off WMS’ newspaper project.

One of the layout staff members, Makenna, under the direction of our principal, Tom Mazza orchestrated a sophisticated school wide voting process in order to name the newspaper. She and a few other students ran a voting process during grade level lunches. After they tallied the votes, Keepin’ Up With WMS was the winner as the newspaper’s title! 

Mrs. Slawiak’s classes thought it would be cool to publish an electronic newspaper. We selected a company who specializes in publishing newspapers called Make My Newspaper and when we publish, the pages will turn like a person is reading a paper newspaper!

Why are we starting a school newspaper? According to Mrs. Slawiak, it is an authentic project where all students can learn and grow in a variety of skills including collaboration, organization, problem-solving, creativity, they’ll learn about ethical considerations, all aspects of the research or journalist processes, and the writing & editing process. 

Most of all, students realize that what they learn and do in school is newsworthy and that translates to important! They are creating an venue where they can have their voices heard and that supports democracy!  For example, some students are creating logical arguments to influence changing school policies. According to Tom Mazza that means that if the argument is feasible, he’ll facilitate the student council to discuss the particular policy and to take proper next steps action. 

Any WMS student who loves to write can be a featured writer or journalist. All they need to do is to have their final copy approved by their ELA teacher.

Tentatively we are publishing on the following dates:

  • November 15: First edition  
    • Please click to view our first edition. You’ll need to use the zoom + to read its contents and please use the mouse to move the content around the screen. There is an arrow that will turn the page.
  • January 7, 2020
  • February 14, 2020
  • April 17, 2020
  • June 9, 2020

Isn’t it exciting that these students started a legacy where all future students can follow! That’s student leadership! Totally exciting!